SEMASHIII (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

If you've been keeping up with us for the past 48 hours, than the guy in the photo above should be a familiar name. Though, he may not be a familiar face. It's time to shine the brighter lights on him now. This is SEMASHIII.

SEMASHIII is the co-writer of PUMPKIN, and ICE COLD, both collaborative pieces with artist and Record Label CEO, Bryce Cameron. Once you dig a bit into the history of both artists, their story can be interpreted as quite endearing. A page dedicated to the release of their single PUMPKIN, reads: "Bryce Cameron and SEMASHIII met in Jr. High School, in the early 2000s. They both had a passion for music [at an early] age. They both wrote Punk songs and jammed out during recess. That has stayed under wraps, still to this day." 

While listening to both PUMPKIN and ICE COLD, you can hear there is a specific sound which both artists possess. A sound that is best created when two artists have a great amount of chemistry- and that is evidently the situation here. The music they create is bold, and lacks any level of fear. 

Stay on the lookout for their third single, School Crush, releasing through BCGM Record Label.

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