Serial Entrepreneur: Christopher Scott (Report)

Reported by Lucas Ballard

The world for the young entrepreneur can be tough. It is full of uncertainty and it can be frustrating when you don't know your next move. Christopher Scott is a serial entrepreneur with his hands in several arenas of business. Functioning as a full-time software developer, Chris is also the head of marketing at Bru Beer which is a young company that “truly serves young people, creating environments and experiences that bring us together”. Having started his clothing brand, Outline Ohio, in college, Scott has built quite the resume. Currently spending much of his time in California, Outline Ohio pays homage to his home state and keeps it close to his heart.

Christopher understands the importance of being steadfast when it comes to willing himself to his goals. On his podcast, Take Off with Scotty, Scott converses with artists from all around the world about their success and failures. In these conversations Scott and his guests sort out the genuine, rough around the edges, formula that makes a successful entrepreneur. Those on this path cannot take shortcuts and they can’t fall for tricks the media industry will throw at them. It’s easy for a person to sell their dreams away and quit, but for those that truly love to put in that original, creative work, they have to see the goal through to fruition. \

Christopher Scott has some good stuff cooking up, so tune into his podcast, crack open a Bru and keep warm in some of his Outline Ohio Apparel. His website will also be available to the public soon. All links below!

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