SGE Kash x Lil' Poppa- Lost Letters (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

If you’ve tuned into any of my previous articles relating to up and coming talent within the music industry, then you know my typical preference towards what I look for in an artist. I look for an artist that is versatile, melodic, and easy to catch on to. While that sounds like an easy task to accomplish at face value, it oftentimes is not for many artists.

Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover an artist by the name of SGE Kash. However, I wouldn’t give myself credit for discovering SGE Kash, as he’s already started to create wake with his music, primarily across YouTube with his extremely high-quality and well edited music videos.

In a recent drop from this past month, Kash displays his ability to control his own vocals across a variety of different tempos. This recent release is titled “Lost Letters” which features Lil' Poppa as a special edition. The track itself tells a story of a past that can only be described by SGE Kash and Lil Poppa themselves. If I were to relate their vocals to a more established musician, I would sense a hint of A Boogie in terms of story telling and easy-going flow.

I’m absolutely thrilled with how well this song turned out, and I truthfully cannot wait to see what the future holds for SGE Kash. If you’re interested in learning more about him and his incredible potential, then be sure to give "Lost Letters" a listen using the YouTube link attached below.

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