Shadi G- Space (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Swedish Singer-songwriter, Shadi G, might be the next artist you add to your late night playlist. 

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking to have an easygoing night, I typically play music that accompanies the mood. However, not every piece qualifies as a "mood setter."

There are certain characteristics a song needs to truly create a vibe. Sultry vocals, a smooth instrumental, and lyrics that seamlessly glide to your ears, are all acceptable attributes. Shadi G's latest single, Space, inhabits all of the aforementioned. 

Only three seconds into the piece, Shadi sets the musical landscape with distinctly melodic scats. Her voice takes on a mysterious aura, as she is accompanied by an instrumental that teases experimental and RnB influences.There's no faking the funk, Shadi G is fit to take on this style for the masses. She showed her sheer confidence on this track. Sometimes you can hear an artist trying to play it safe or take a route that won’t be met with questioning. Shadi lets her voice sail freely, and it can be felt throughout the piece. 

Listen to Space, by Shadi G:

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  • Shahla

    Absolutely LOVE this! More from this artist, please! <3

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