Shadi G x Elijah Boothe- Mitoone (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

Have you been taking the time to do any introspection lately? When was the last time you really took stock of what traumas you’re still holding onto, or just sat down with the intention of getting to know yourself better? Through their song Mitoone, Shadi G and Elijah Boothe shed light on the necessary process of giving love to yourself in order to be able to extend love to others. Not just because the love you give to others should be coming from a healthy place, but because you deserve it. 

Mitoone’s wakeup call message coupled with its smooth and consistent energy honestly makes me feel like this is a song I really needed to come across. It’s perfect for catching up on that solo day you may have been putting off, or prepping for that meditation you haven’t been exactly sure how to approach. When you think about it, it’s incredibly easy to forget how necessary these things are for our relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial), for our overall growth, and for our ability to just handle life better. A little self-compassion can go a longggg way. Shadi G and Elijah Boothe truly dropped a gem on us with this one. 

Click the link below to tap into this much-needed message:

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