Shay Hazan Quintet- Beber's Cha Cha (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

The Shay Hazan Quintet, up until today, was an unfamiliar name for me. Shay is a bassist, composer, and producer, based in Israel. With his jazzy track, Beber’s Cha Cha, Shay brings diverse instrumental decisions to Critiques by SwanoDown today, and we're loving it.

When the piece began, I heard a swing pocket that explodes with deep colors, stemming from rim shots and low toms. The aforementioned created a bed for the bass to lay on. The bass sticks to 4 chords in a rhythm that, in my opinion, complements the drums best. The atmosphere created from the bass & drum duo, put me in a zone, head trotting to the timely rum clicks and ride cymbal driving the tempo to the brass, what a gorgeous number. 

Shay Hazan's Quintet exemplifies great use of the natural beauties each respective instrument withholds. Around one minute in the composition comes the first piano solo we hear, played by Milton Michaeli, gliding over a bed of similar rhythms and melodies as the chorus/head. This creates room within the atmosphere for the Michaeli to show fluidity.

When the Blues came in, the talent from this pianist really showed, as the solo progresses, you feel the band getting bigger- almost anxiety-provoking, there are no words in this track but there is yelling- then immediate resolve to a familiar hook. 

If that doesn’t excite you, the higher brass instrument of the second solo captures that energy retained from the first solo. I am truly impressed with the overall embodiment that is this Beber’s Cha Cha and encourage you to take a listen.

Check it out:


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