She is Jules & Amory Reel- HeartLiquor (Kicktracks Remix) [Track Review]


Written by Grayson Jones 

She is Jules & Amory Reel work together and express a common outlet to relieve heartbreak. Pain is a lack of understanding. Without pain- it would be harder to learn.without learning there would be a stagnant void in people's hearts. Easier said than done- much easier to numb your body to cope temporarily. This is important to understand when interpreting Jules & Amory’s delivery on this track.

As a duet, these two have a fluent chemistry that gives triggers feelings of a river flowing in my ears. Could be the calm acoustics, or the faint birds chirping in the background giving me a form of nostalgia. But, the lyrics lead my attention to not think too deeply about other facets of the song. The song is easy to understand and open for so many interpretations. “Now all I got is heart liquor to help me with this heart attack.”  Hard liquor? Heart liquor? I hear both,  that is what makes this song for me. 

If you listen to artists/groups like James Blake, Rex Orange County, or French Kiwi Juice, I suggest giving this a try. There is a negative stigma that comes with slow music that leaves people to believe you have to be sad. Although, this is a song that comes from something as somber as a heartbreak, many of their other tracks are just as beautiful in tone. "Benton" from Amory, "After Life" with She is Jules, and Kicktrack instrumentations. Step out of your comfort zone!

Out now is HeartLiquor- A great start:


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