Shezray: Fearlessly Expanding her Reach

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

“We all get scared and want to turn away, but it isn’t always strength that makes you stay. Strength is also making the decision to change your destiny.” – Zoraida Córdova

In some capacity, I’ve been around the entertainment world since about the age of 3. Whether it be opera, instrumental music, theater… I’ve experienced much as an artist and a journalist. As you could imagine the talent level I’ve discovered varies— but I’ve seen immense talent. However, I’ve been trying to decipher what exactly separates the group of “immensely talented.” One of those factors are those who are not risk averse vs those who are not. Failure and uncomfortability have to be two things you are not afraid of. You must be fearless to advance. And a quintessential example of the aforementioned is actress, and personality, Shezray. 

Shezray is a Chicago native, who took the bold move relocating across the world to India in pursuit of her career in acting. “I was born and raised in Chicago, but I recently came to Mumbai, India to further pursue on-screen work in the Indian entertainment industry,” Said Shezray. This move has become prosperous for the starlet as she’s since starred in two shows featured on Amazon, Khuda Aur Mohabbat and Dhaani.

Though, as dedicated as she is to her life on set, she also has other ventures that show a more authentic  in-depth look into Shezray. Her vlogging/blogging give insight into her life as an American living in India, along with her experience with luxury. A pretty fun episode of Shezray’s shows her getting pampered at Mumbai’s White Door Spa. Getting to see her in that realm makes it even easier to like her as a person, even outside of her life as an actress.

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