Shira Neshama- Silhouetto of the Night (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Let me introduce to you the first song ever by a  musician named Shira Neshama. Congratulations to Shira for her first single titled: “Silhouetto Of The Night”. This single is influenced by several genres including: neo soul, contemporary, and r&b.

Shira has a comforting alto tone that really adds to the depth of the record, but she shows range with her high notes throughout the second half of the song. Her lyrics tell a story of love she no longer has in her reach. in the hook, Shira sing: “You’re the silhouetto of the night, when I’m finally losing sight, and it hurts because I know I can’t hold you tight.” Shira's choice of word stir up emotions and creates a mystical darkness.

To learn more about Shira Neshama go follow her social media and keep up with her future musical endeavors. She is a musician, singer, songwriter and superstar in the making. I have to mention once again, this is her first released song ever so I can only imagine the magic she will continue to create.

You should definitely go ahead and add “Silhouetto Of The Night” to your playlist that helps you let it all out.

Check it out:

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