Shortiie Raw (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Look at the photo above. 

What adjectives come to mind when your eyes take a look? Bold? Confident? Self-assured? All of those would be applicable. Though, the aforementioned is  not only in reference to Shortiie Raw's image, but also her sound. 

After listening to Shortiie's catalog, and specifically honing in on her latest project, Pree Diss, it doesn't take long to find out she has the attributes to become one of someone's favorite artists. Her fun and exceedingly energy-filled tracks can pump up anyone for the day or on a long car ride to work. This isn't only prevalent in Raw's solo work, on her collaborative track 'Drip," with Molly Brazy, her delivery still doesn't take a step back- and why would it? Her  wordplay and demonstrative command of a track is something many wish they had. Lines like, "Got a better chance tryna' live on Noah's Arc." from her track, She Kute, and "Lobster on the side, I got a big plate. He gonna' treat me like a dish, I love to get ate." from her track, Mod Head, give only a glimpse into this artist's abilities. 

But don't get it misconstrued, Raw isn't an artist who just happens to be making uniquely defiant music by "chance."  While you focus on her work, take note of something- it's all done with purpose and intent. Raw does not let up, nor does "she take songs off." As exuberant as her sound may be, she approaches her latest project as business- which it is. This is an artist who's destiny lives within her own hands, now let's see how she uses them. 

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