Shots by Sosa (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Lucas “Lukey Lenz” Ballard 

We don’t live in images, yet somehow they drive the way we see life. Since the invention of the camera, photographs have been a main staple in commemorating events, advertising and more. Photographs really hold weight because they mark a specific moment in time, reminding us of what fashion was like, who was important, and important places. 

Saul Sosa is a film photographer from Anaheim, California and spent his teen years in San Bernardino. Having had a photography class in high school, Sosa was not very fond of the idea of using his class time to simply take photos. He elaborated by stating “They would let us roam around the school and shoot whatever we wanted, instead I just hung around the library and chilled on my phone.” This subsequently resulted in his failure of the class. As time passed he began to appreciate imagery more, watching blockbuster films and appreciating art films like Her, directed by Spike Jonze. 

Every photographer is different and when he is called to action his choice medium is film: “Anybody who has shot film knows it’s a certain feeling to it...when you open up the files it’s like opening up a Christmas present.” Saul has many concerts under his belt shooting for scores of artists, including but not limited to Meg Thee Stallion, Dominic Fike, The Slump God, Gunna, Blueface, Juice WRLD, Yung Bans, Pierre Bourne, Brent Faiyez, and Asap Rocky. His style is vibrant and the atmosphere of his photos are very personal, really making it feel like you’re there. 

Sosa has big plans for the future, stating “The only limit is your mind” as he is preparing to set up more shoots and curate some of his photos into galleries. Check out Saul on Instagram @_SaulSosa and if you’re interested in his prints browse his website here:

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