SHOTY- Lonely Verona (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Damn, SHOTY might have a slapper on her hands.

Lonely Verona, the debut single from SHOTY has her coming in hot. She has a unique voice that will separate her from the pack and create an anticipation for more music. From the onset, it could be a guy that she is talking about yearning attention from. I think there can be different interpretations to what the song is about. I can see it from the angle of being lonely in life and finding alternatives to satisfy that loneliness.

Tell me what you need, got chains, got the money and the weed

That line stands out to me. The allure of physical possessions can be too tempting for one to ignore. SHOTY does a great job creating that allure with her voice, it’s almost like the power of seduction speaking to us in this piece. With that ability, she can sell water to a school of fish. She really is an intriguing artist that I feel will go into the category of a musical chameleon. Based off this song alone, she has the talent to go into any genre and create good music. I suggest everyone go stream SHOTY’s debut track. 

Check it out:

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