Silk Cinema- How To Find Perfection

Written by Kayla Allen 

Silk Cinema is a dynamic duo based in London. They have a new single called “How To Find Perfection” and it is beautifully composed.

The vocalist of Silk Cinema is Kristy X and their voice is whimsical. The instrumentation and production is done by Raph A and I love how they constructed a track with neo soul features and a moving melody. They told us that this song is about “being okay with never being able to find perfection.” The lyrics of the song reflect this message in an abstract way. “There’ll be nothing but questions on how to find perfection, I gotta know, 'cause I still need it in my soul, it’s so far to go,” this piece is beautifully written and layered.

“How To Find Perfection” is a song you could throw on any aux to a party, road trip, or daily errands. A track sure to put you in a good mood. It creates a sense of satisfaction and calmness. Silk Cinema creates amazing neo soul hits, you should check out their project “Spells” if you want to get caught up.

Make sure you add “How To Find Perfection” to your soulful every day playlist.

Check it out:

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