Silk Tonic- Summer Time (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Silk Tonic is a group of male singers who have been pretty impressive to us here at SwanoDown. In this track review, I covered Summer Time- a milestone piece for the two rising stars. 

Being a successful artist depends closely on the business aspect of your music. Promotions, networking, performance costs, etc. The worse situations come from when great artists aren’t given the proper spotlight they deserve. 

"Summer Time" is an Indie pop song that may take a special ear to appreciate. 

I am not that special, but from what I heard these guys are very witty songwriters. Summer Time speaks on love with and without a significant other. Classic love songs are always difficult to write with originality. Although, this is true for the musical tonality of the tune, the words are like nothing I have heard before. Coupled with a simple hook, connecting with a song that you may have not expected to connect with is one of the beauties of music.

If I had to say something to Silk Tonic about their music, it would be to continue to find your way. I don’t quite think their music is done developing as artists- all the more reason to get to know them now. I hear the journey is far better than the destination itself. Plus, how amazing will it be to say that you knew about them before a million others do?

Check out Summer Time:

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