Simon Blaze (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

“Body language telling me that you want me.”  

There are three things that humans have been doing since the beginning of time. Communicating, collaborating, and creating. But, there was a point where those three actions were a necessity to stay alive and avoid pure danger. As time evolved, they became more cultivated and polished. Take the Pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China for example. Both of those iconic feats of architecture took immense levels of communication, collaboration, and creation. Now, fast forward to 2021, and take a listen to, Your Love, by Simon Blaze, ILLijah, and Young Chrigga. 

Not all of the aforementioned artists are even from the same continent. ILLijah and Chrigga are from Maine (USA), as Simon is from Munich (Germany). They’ve come together on an uptempo track, produced by Simon Blaze, and the energy never stops. Throughout the piece, there are crisp percussions, slick rapping, and sensual singing vocals. It’s automatically clear that this piece could fit several situations- on a long drive, at the club, in the bedroom...

Simon told SwanoDown:

“When I created the beat, I started with the chords that had a super chill vibe. I then came up with the vocal sample and knew the whole project would be a love song. I then decided to give the whole song a little contrast when I came up with the synth in the hook. When ILLijah came back at me with the hook, we knew we created a hit.”

He continued: 

“I sometimes consider what my fans would like to hear but in the end, I always release what I feel Simon Blaze would release. I would never bend my style to satisfy my listeners with a product I don't really feel.y real fans will always like what i release because I put a lot of passion in making music.”

With such a dedicated and steadfast outlook on his career, Simon is creating a path form himself in the music game.

Take a Listen Here:

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