Ahsan Samraa (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

When we see people achieving at a certain level, we tend to think of them in the light of which they succeed. Tom Brady is synonymous with Football, as Michael Jordan is synonymous w/ Basketball. Einstein is synonymous with Science as Ben Carson is synonymous with surgery. You get the point. But, because of this, we tend to forget that they truly are people. There is a mystique and skill that we attach to them. Though, people are not stagnant. Human beings are naturally fluid and have the ability to branch out to several facets of their choice. A great example of the aforementioned is 21 year old, Ahsan Samraa, a Punjabi Hip-Hop musician from Pakistan, currently a student is the United States. Not only is he an artist, but an IT major, two paths that take a dedicated amount of focus and time. 

While listening to some of his latest tracks, such as FAME, and Nawa Yaar- there is an evident sound and true passion you hear in Samraa's voice. Specifically on FAME, he sets the soundscape early on with his opening vocal delivery. He doesn't hold much back, and that can be felt as a listener throughout his pieces.

Samraa told SwanoDown:
"I try to provoke positivity/motivation in my listeners with my lyrics. Talking about luxury and wealth is for inspiring them to work for this kind of lifestyle."

He continued:
"Usually I write about topics, our Asian (Pakistani) youth can relate to and have inspirational vibes in it. I’d definitely write about myself at a point but that wouldn’t be for what my music presents. My music is more about inspiring Pakistan/Punjabi youth to take hip/hop industry to a different level."

Take a Listen:

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