Siraina- Don't Tell Me You're Leaving (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Okay, so before we get into the context of “Don’t Tell Me You’re Leaving” by Siraina can I just say the vocal range showed throughout the song from the beginning is amazing and automatically put me in my feelings! She told us that “Don’t Tell Me You’re Leaving” is about her last moments with her first love and what way to follow through. Siraina is so raw in the best way possible. Listening to this song is like listening to her heart break, almost like she is finally coming to the realization that the relationship is ending and she doesn’t want to leave. “Don’t you go, don’t you leave me here, we can work it out,” Siraina is giving passion and truth.

The lyricism, along with the instrumentation and stellar vocals, dance so well together. This adds much more to the emotional challenges being expressed by Siraina, and I can’t get enough. Additionally, I really love how the song has such a triumphant build regardless of the heartbreak. 

Siraina is bold and a true artist. She tells us “Heartbreak memories are the most vivid of them all” and she represented just that and more with her artistry. Make sure you listen to “Don’t Tell Me You’re Leaving” by Siraina for her amazing range, or if you just need a serenade to relate to, you just might get your boo back!

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