SK World- Bando (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

The Bando uses complex intersecting rhythms to create an American Funk based feeling. The culture substantiated around this music comes from a raw place. For some who may not be familiar with the native tongue of SK World, the song is still just as enjoyable. The verses from SK were evidently laced with UK accents 

The cultural diversity in this piece is so unique and rare, the combination of accents can make the song more intriguing for some listeners. The pulsation of this piece is my favorite part. It displays dancehall vibes with a lyrical twist, incorporating some trap-like lifestyle. “Come to the Bando” another word for a house or settlement where one works out of, a common phrase in trap music. 

The heavy hitting hook gave me trouble sitting still. The way SK slid down on this track sounds natural for them. The island feel from this style of music is addictive and hard-hitting. The bright melody has a distinct instrument found aplenty in Afro music... Steel pan, Xylophone, and Marimba. These instruments give that bright chord sound we hear in the instrumentation. When I listen toinstruments like these, I think of being in the tropicals. Those responsible for Bando have created a vibration that, without lyrics and complex raps, could still be a hit. 

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