Slam Reed- Wildwood (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Relationships can be roller-coasters, maybe more often than not. They have the ability to make you scream with the save fervor as the image above. In "Wildwood" by Slam Reed, you get an intimate look into the ebb & flow of Slam's mind during relationship uncertainty. 

The opening 1:24 is one of the most artistic and professional displays of music I've ever listened to. This is not me making hyperbolic statements.

If you were to ask me some of my favorite guitar-voice combinations, this would be one of them, I was instantly drawn into this piece. The guitar is warm, simple, and resonates almost perfectly in my headphones. The minimalism is, well.. big. A bit of an oxymoron right? Hear me out, the guitar on this joint is played with such precision, that it's damn near mesmerizing. Regardless of the strumming's repetitive nature, it sounds phenomenal. Slam Reed's vocal intonation is artistic, and controlled. The emotion that he projects is believable. He makes you live vicariously through him. Reed's great storytelling is coupled with a masterful sense of musicality. "Why you gotta' be so vengeful? You're gonna ruin your potential... Your perception of my worth- it don't mean shit to me." He sings. 

As the piece progresses, you get an revolutionized taste of his approach. In ways, these switches in pace can be shocking, but then you adapt. Slam Reed becomes more aggressive, more abrasive, more direct. In the heat of the moment, or a breakdown, these frantic tendencies can be a factor. Once again, Slam gives us the feeling of real life... authenticity.

Slam puts on quite the performance. 

Check it out:

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