Slimmz- Kowo Wole (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Feeding your constant Afro-beat craving is Slimmz, the Nigerian Songwriter and artist behind, Kowo Wole. This pop fusion piece is from his album LoveLife. Filled with that pulsating rhythm we all know and love, Kowo Wole is that shoulder-popping dance floor settler where you grab a friend and practice your expertise in body language. 

Moving fluently, every instrument in this piece keeps tempo alongside Slimmz. All pulsating in their own manner the song has a heavy Afro-pop foundation. My personal favorite here is the call and response between Slimmz and what sounds like a trumpet in the chorus. Descending tones are related to resolutions as rising tones are related to a climax. You get a good feeling of both here in the hook, and some parts of the verses, so if you are the type to listen to a whole song for that ‘best part’ you are reading in the right place. Might I suggest you check out Bami Jo too for more feel good music. 

I have listened to Slimmz on a couple of other joints he's released, none have I heard with a more technical and well rounded form of songwriting than here. Kowo Woles is a certified classic with me. Check it out! 

Kowo Wole by Slimmz:

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