SmooveTheGreat (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

If you scroll through your playlist right now, what moods do you typically find yourself indulging in? Something you'd flip on at a party? Something you'd cry yourself asleep to? Well, how about both? Are there any tracks in there that could coddle both your rambunctious and somber sides? Well, if you add SmooveTheGreat's track, Saved Me, then I'd say yes. 

There is a dichotomy that lives in-between the notes on Saved Me. If you listen to the driving percussion and confident lyricism provided by Smoove, then you'll be nodding your head consistently. "I'm one of the greats, just incase you forgot, there's a lot on my plate..." Though, if you tune into the keys, and orchestral strings, there is a dark atmosphere developed. Even lines like: "Broken heart, I gotta' move smart," show that aspect. 

SmooveTheGreat told SwanoDown:

"In the beginning stages when I am writing a song I think about myself. I love using my personal experience as an example. It could be about anything to give a story that my audience can connect with..."

This guy's unique approach to vocal cadences and production adds an individualism to his aura. The kind that people gravitate to while discovering new artists. 

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