Smoove- A Comedian/Rapper On The Road To Stardom (Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Breaking into the world of entertainment / the arts is a real journey. For few it's a quick ascension to success, for many it’s a long, dedicated, and even tedious road. Without a doubt, one of the most difficult paths is via the way of comedy. How many cringeworthy performances have we seen on the big screen, or even worse there are tons of videos that show stand up comedians booed off of stages. It’s truly for the brave, skilled, and talented. So when people like Comedian/Rapper Smoove show others great levels of perseverance and steadfastness, it’s inspiring. 

Smoove has been recognized on instagram by renowned artists such as Pooh Shiesty, Big 30, Big Scarr & Big Unccc. He’s managed to gain their attention on social media as Famous rappers Big Scarr, Big Unccc & Bossman JD follow his Instagram account @smoove.___ with over 6,500 followers. 

Smoove has over 160,000+ views on his Youtube channel (Aye Smoove). You can also search @smoove.___ on Youtube to find him as well. 

Smoove’s concentrated dedication to his craft will lead him to continuously progress.

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