Sofi Gev- Together, Never Break (Track Review)

Written by Pat Moran

With electronic pulses pinging like a submarine’s sonar, Sofi Gev launches her hushed, introspective single “Together, Never Break.” Amid clangorous tones and chopping block percussion, Gev, who is singer songwriter Hannah Lovelady in solo guise, unleashes her gossamer vocals only to have them swallowed in swirling synthesizers. 

Slowly, Lovelady’s voice breaks free to whisper amid ominous beats which prowl like beasts in a fairytale forest. Sorrowful spirals of violin give way to a squall of skirling strings, and Lovelady’s conflicted lyrics emerge. 

 “I bring out the best in you, You bring out the beast in me, We are made from violent waves and storms churning”

Despite that admission, trauma continues to duel with attraction as Lovelady trawls through an internal, and sexually charged gothic storybook.

 “I would gladly dive into the devil’s arms, Just one touch of skin and I would like the scars”

As seesawing strings dissolve into pensive piano, the track closes, but we’re left with the sense that Lovelady remains, still picking through the perilous woods.

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