Solbore x Devin Yü- Possibility Of [Video Critique]

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

What do we really know about what lies on the other side of the mind when we dream? Every day we live in what our reality is, but subconsciously there is always another thought filled with vivid wonder and childlike imagination. 

In Solbore and Devin Yü's ‘Possibilities Of’ official video, we meet a man who is somewhere in the twilight. We find him singing to a multitude of different lights throughout the video, some of which are street lamps. Others are lights attached to buildings and even the sun, the moon. Somehow, the video manages to keep a warm nature despite it being dark for most of its duration. 

For me, I do believe that we are in a dream. At the end of the video, the lights start to expand as if they are singing back, leading our main character to the one that he truly loves, a woman who is introduced in the second act of the visual. 

Think of all the possibilities and check out Solbore and Devin Yü’s dresmascaper in ‘Possibility Of’

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