Soleil Bleu and a Retro Film (Video Critiques)

Written by Lucas "Lukey Lenz" Ballard

Although I do not know French, I would hope that I know good music. French musical artists, Soleil Bleu graces our ears with their scintillating track, “Alma Page.” I did some research and culminated a rough translation of some of the lyrics in this song. This song speaks of the freedoms of life and the struggle with expression. Many comparisons are drawn from life to natural occurrences. For instance “Alma a du mal à retrouver son sourire, Mais les feuilles sous l’automne ne se sont-elles jamais envolées?” This roughly translates to: “Alma struggles to find her smile again, But haven’t the leaves in the fall ever gone?” To me, this is important as there are many who feel the same way we do. Soleil Bleu implores that if nature itself requires a reset, such as the fall season, then they would hope individuals understand there are low points worthy of reflection and adaptation. The bright spot in this song is when they speak on how Alma dances and frees herself from those thoughts that bind her: “Quand elle se laisse aller Elle atteint la transe en dansant danse” which means “When she lets go she reaches trance while dancing.” Another part of the song described it as transcendence. 

The video that is paired with this song, directed by Léo Schrepel,  has many blue tones in it, and when I first viewed it, I identified an older aesthetic. The film-like quality, the aspect ratio, and shots themselves suggested that this video was either shot in the 70’s-90’s or it was an attempt to mimic those video qualities. This video was released on Jan. 15, 2021 and definitely captured that retro feel. This video features sunbaked environments as well as a natural red, green, and blue color scheme. This video is masterfully shot and really exudes the artistic nature of exceptional cinema.

Check it out:

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