SonikCuts- Vibrating The Decks (Instrumental Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Brilliant Graffiti, Breakdancing, and Scratching, are all the founding pillars of Hip Hop. Just as many things do, Hip Hop has evolved, and those attributes are not as prevalent as they once were. So, when I see these elements reemerge, it piques my interest. 

SonikCuts flaunts his skills as a DJ and producer on this 1 minute and 9 second piece. He gives the audience some heavy oldschool vibes. The track hits hard from beginning to end, and has a bevy of vocal punch-ins:

"SonikCuts Vibrating the decks." 

"Digging in the crates." 

"Making sure the job is done."

"Power Moves that ill shit." 

This piece will have your head nodding, and is easily replayable. For all of my rap artists out there, this would be a dope cut to freestyle over. 

Vibrating The Decks, stems from SonikCuts' 10 song project, Power Moves. 

Take a funky trip to the past:

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