Star In The Making: Young Entrepreneur Is A Jack Of All Trades. Takes A Genius Route For His Upcoming Music (Report)

Dwayne, also known as Tobias who is the author, scriptwriter, co-director of, as well as a part of the cast of “Diary of a Gay Black Man” met a, one too familiar scenario when attempting to secure soundtracks for the film. Upon facing blockade after blockade having nearly overlooked the fact that he was a musical talent, Dwayne decided to hit the studio and record his own soundtracks bespoke to the needs of the film.

The New York – Connecticut native saw the blockade in securing soundtracks to his film as an opportunity, proceeding to write, sing and produce the music because of the difficulty he experienced in trying to secure featured music. Similar to the book and film, Dwayne’s music falls in line with the narrative enthusiastically expressing and telling his story through his music.

Dwayne’s first EP titled Libra Confessions was released in 2021. The controversial EP garnered nearly 10,000 song streams. The Libra Confessions are set to be featured in “The Diary of a Gay Black Man” film. In addition, he will release two brand new singles “Pressure” and “ECS” off his second EP named LCP2 an acronym for Libra Confessions Part 2 to be featured as soundtracks. Pressure and ECS are scheduled to be released in the EP later this year even though “Pressure” which is the lead track for the film is set to be released on Valentine’s Day February, 14th 2022. 

Actively engaging in writing, producing, singing, acting, and publishing, Dwayne has demonstrated that he is a jack of all trades and can find a way where there is no way. A Star in the Making, he is driven by creating a body of work that will last forever, long after he is gone. Tobias Laine’s Music is available on Apple Music and other platforms.

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