Stark & Ayoni- All Out of Love (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Be careful with who you share your love with, they may burn you out until you reach a tipping point. Some of the reasons for the burn out could be selfish, which warrants such a response. Stark & Ayoni are “All Out of Love,"  the ultimate breakup song for lovers who are taken for granted. They convey a message that is all too familiar in the dating scene. 

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend, comes with responsibilities. You hhve to show adoration and a sense of security within the relationship. There shouldn’t be an increased sense of instability and false narratives. They’re either all in for the relationship or there's no reason to be a unit. We explore this topic more with Stark & Ayoni, grasping the concept of doing for self instead of the others around you.

“That you and your timing had always been rather convenient

While I married the spot where you’d left me, you’d loop round' the street, and

I was the one with the wheels and the soul and the genius

"All Out of Love," gives people a chance to look in the mirror and address the current situation that may be holding them back from a greater reward. Stark & Ayoni remind us that our love shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once we know our worth, we’ll match up with someone who will reciprocate our level of energy. I appreciated the fact that this isn’t a sad song or gives off somber vibes. They use sounds similar to house music with a clear and concise message.

Check it out:

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