StayLitG (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

In literature, film, and photography, you tend to see the best work from those who are cultivated and have the ability to connect ideas that seem disparate/unrelateable. This is also true in music. Living between Virginia and Somalia, StayLitG is another example of that relation. 

G's journey is a multifaceted one. Though, he is now pursuing a career in music, he did not begin his route behind the mic. In 2018, he was best known as a music promoter & networker. Weaving his way in the game, he's now on the artistic side of things, and has formed relationships with entities such as XO, and YSL. 

After listening to his project, Life of Staylit, this guy has a lot of energy and precipitated charisma. His tracks "June" and "Zombie" being true highlights. 

Check it out:

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