SteezyDMV`s Debut, “Never Recover” Is A Banger! [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown

SteezyDMV has been on a hot streak lately, and his latest track "Never Recover" is another banger. The DMV area artist shows his versatility with alternative rap flows over aggressive instrumentation. The production is top-notch, and Steezy's verses pack a punch. The track is sure to get stuck in your head, thanks to the catchy cadence and hook. Make sure to check out "Never Recover" and all of Steezy's other tracks - you won't be disappointed.

The artist flew out to Nashville's biggest studio to record the single. Next, Steezy released multiple singles "Love My Yoppa" "Juggin" and "Never Recover" a remix to Drake and Lil Baby . His singles were gaining a total of about 60k streams on SoundCloud and 70k on YouTube before being removed and he is in the process of re-releasing them again. His newfound success from his music has led to him touring all over the U.S. Steezy has also built a strong social media presence and fan base which he continues to grow today. He plans to release more music in 2022 and to tour the world.

The artist who is quickly making a name for himself in the rap community was born and raised in the DMV and had always been passionate about music. After being discharged from the military, he finally released his first mixtape in 2020. Since then, he has continued to drop new music and grow his fan base. 

In addition to making music, Steezy is also passionate about investing and financial literacy. He hopes to one day own his own record label and believes that knowledge is power when it comes to making smart business decisions. When he's not in the studio or working on his next project, you can find Steezy enjoys reading or working on cars. He hopes to one day be a regular performer at Rolling Loud, one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in the world. With his unique sound and unmatched work ethic, there's no doubt that Steezy is destined for success.

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