Stretch Soul Gang- Ain't That Easy (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

First thing… Go listen to this track before you read shit else…

Stretch soul gang made a gem with Ain’t That Easy. Have you ever taken a drive in the rain and realized your windshield wipers are on the same beat as your music? It's pretty hard to not notice, but only happens once in a lifetime. Similar rarity with this band.

You have a group of 5 talented guys all the way from london with a unique perspective on funk. In this track- ‘Ain't that easy’ covers a range of  colors. Not acknowledging their profound career- Stretch Your Soul Gang sounds like Beatles, Kool & the Gang, with Skepta rapping,ripping,and ravishing through every song composed. The diversity of sounds that come from them has peaked the interest from the best of early artist venues, Sofar Sounds being my personal favorite. The Soul Gang has musically hit England by hurricane. 

Storms are too vulgar for a group like this, a hurricane is more cordial. I say this because the twists and turns blow through speakers effectively and in the eye of their music rests a calm, cool, crisp voice that could be on your mother's ballad, right after a heavy metal interlude. All in all, diversity is the reason this band is on my playlist. Check out ‘Ain’t that easy’ there's something for everybody.


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