Success in Music is Formulaic: Joelid (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

We don’t all take the exact same routes in life, and after all, how could we? Our individual journeys take on so many different variables and circumstances. However, there are still times where some of our roads are similar. Let’s take professions such as medicine and law for example. Each one has specific requirements in order to enter their fields. Doctors must pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) as Lawyers must pass the Bar Exam. The aforementioned are pathways to entering and hopefully finding success within those areas. Pretty straightforward right? Yes, now how about when it comes to the world of art, more specifically the music industry? There isn’t a pipe that directly takes you to higher heights. Though, that doesn’t mean that everything is left up to chance or “luck.”

A great example of the dedication required to succeed in the world of music is artist, Joel Pesce II, also known as Joelid.

Pesce has garnered a following of over 16,700 on Instagram, and amassed a listenership of 30,000+ on Spotify a month. He does this with no label, music that reaches his audience, and attentive work. Let’s take a look at some of Pesce’s social media maneuvers. As you scroll through his Instagram, you see a continuous level of engagement with his following. From his “Rapper to Santa Claus” post, to his posts of his song “Tonight”, Pesce is constantly finding new ways to make his audience love him. According to The Birth of Hip Hop, one of the most essential aspects of becoming a successful person in Hip Hop is effective marketing and work ethic. “In simple words, marketing is a key to raise the reputation of a brand and its products or services in the public’s mind. Therefore, it is essential for all independent artists to understand the basics of marketing their hip hop music,” Stated The Birth of Hip Hop.

Though, without music that people enjoy, none of the intangibles matter as much. If you listen to Pesce’s delivery, confident flow, and sense of composition on his records like “Tonight”, and “Memories”, you can clearly see Pesce putting his efforts in all of the right directions, connecting on what is significantly relevant to his success. 

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