Surai6u, aka Lor Slice: Setting The Soundscape for Your Vocals

Written by Imani Wj Wright

There are so many aspects involved in creating a top notch record.

With such an inordinate amount of music released on a daily basis, it takes more than "luck" for records to reach the masses. From unshakably catchy ear-worms, to avant-garde sonic experiences, there's typically something that has appeal. Though, regardless of what pulls you in, one attribute that is consistent is production. Unless you’re listening to a slew of A capella tracks, then you’ll be listening to some form of instrumentation.

A producer, “dedicated to creating unique and district vibes", Surai6u, also known as Lor Slice, has taken it upon himself to set the scene for vocalists in the music world. When you take the time to check out production from Surai6u, you can evidently hear diversity and an attempt to create a sound that’s bold. Don’t take “bold” incorrectly though. He isn’t flooding our ears with any overtly blasting 808s or unnecessarily off-beat rhythms. Instead, he keeps it minimal, and musically engaging. His melodies on tracks like "1080p" and "M3W", show his skill as a composer, and amplify his poterntial.

Check out 
Surai6u's Work Below:

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