A song that puts me in the middle of somber and hope:
Matt McKnzi- Thank You

The best art has the capability to resonate with demographics that may otherwise seem disparate, but find middle ground and similarity amongst a song like "Thank You". We all can relate to struggle, and most of us have found some level of success (which is all relative). I get put back in those moments where everything seemed to be crumbling on top of me, but through support, desire, and perseverance, I made it past the other side of the rubble. This piece shows us we're not the only ones jumping hurdles through our journeys. 

A record I'll turn on with my lady:
dream by dream- DOWN

How many innuendos can you throw into a song? Well, dream by dream may have you beat on that one. This is a smooth and sultry acoustic piece that is definitely nasty, but not vulgar. It's the kind of record you'll have to listen to in order to actually hear what the artist is getting to. If you're planning a romantic date night with a "sweet" end to the night, add this record to your rotation, and let dream by dream lead the way.

A track that has the feels of a chilled out vacation:
Daniel Levi- Nice Things

Ahh yes. There's just something so refreshing about a vacation where you don't have to do much of anything. Yes, there are some nights where you're in Miami and music is blasting in your ear, and other days you're on a tropical Island in their "Fall" season, and the weather is just right. This song is for the latter.

An artist who I can't stop listening to:
A.GIRL- Can't Be U

I mean phew... The sound that A.GIRL exhibits is automatically alluring. It's one of those sonic experiences that you immediately know you'll be hooked to for days, months, or even years to come. The instrumentation is crisp, and GIRL's vocals are as easy as can be on the ears. If she keeps this up, I think she's gained a lifetime fan in me.  

A song that takes me back to my classical studies:
Naama- From This Moment On (ft. Peter Bernstein)

Oh how blissful, oh how delightful some of those sunny morning were at Peabody. Walking up those marble steps, hearing some of the most talented musicians in the world rehearsing for recitals and honors performances. When I hear the technique and beauty in Naama's voice, coupled with the gliding precision of Bernstein's guitar, I can't help but be grateful for this nostalgia. 

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