SwanoDown Spotlight: Me, Myself, and Shame by Jthurston

Written by Imani Wj Wright

"Biggest opposition sitting right in the mirror. Crazy when it's you that you're living in fear of."  Jthurston

Vulnerability and self-deprecation are some consistent traits of many great artists. As an audience member, you feel relatable and to be even more specific, relate to some of the same flaws that given artist is emphasizing or analyzing about themselves. Though, on this record, Jthurston seems to be going even deeper than that. This nearly feels like a therapy session with he and his audience. He's not "trauma dumping," but simply being immensely authentic with us. 

Some of the lines here are woven together as precisely as the strings that make up this fitting instrumental. Lyrical phrases such as "Apologies for the decline, but I've been trying," and "Don't look at me. Don't judge please don't throw the book at me," Give a simultaneously deep, but still surface level insight of some of the troubles hurston is struggling with on this record. 

Want to hear an artist get genuinely internal? This is for you. 

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