SwanoDown ep1 Synopsis

Written by Grayson Jones

Finding pleasure in sounds was the sole purpose of this podcast. What artist/journalist Imani Wj Wright and I found was a connection between songs never before put together like this. On our debut podcast, we create a list of 5 songs that fill our expectations. Imani and I toss different viewpoints, riveting questions and exciting atmospheres around some music as hyped as Brownsuede’s, How To Do Dat and as calm as What a Dream by Dr. Gosso, The Samplers & the Gemini Trio. We hit different styles of pleasure for your laid back people, up beat, listeners, and those who thrive off a pulse. Songs like Black Rose with Berus and K.ZIA  make a great example of the immediate pleasure we advertise here. Guru by Third Way was a piece with deeper meaning than we discussed, but Moonlight From Dub boat showed us how deep the meaning of immediate pleasure can go. 

You get an exclusive snippet of vocals from Imani Wj Wright, we even get a little personal with our experiences with the music. Nothing but good times, unintentionally butchered back stories, and a little nervous laughter from a duo who can’t lie about their taste in music. So keep an eye on your levels, maintain homeostasis, and check out SwanoDown’s playlist: Dopamine Dumpin’. 

SwanoDown Podcast- Episode 1: 


Dopamine Dumpin Playlist on Spotify:


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