SwanoDown ep2 Synopsis

Written by Grayson Jones

You gotta feel your lows just so you can get up a little bit. If not, you’ll never know how low you really are.”   - Imani Wj Wright. 

On this episode, we cover 5 songs submitted and selected by us to be part of a playlist we call ‘Sensual but Sensible.’ These songs are those that play on one’s morals and logic for the most relatable feelings, but also highs and lows, for the subjective range of feeling. 

This episode, we have sounds from Kid Travis' Solo, Eric Brandon’s The Devil I know, Nicolas Kanza’s Same Love, Jimmy Levy’s Red Horns featuring Rick Ross, and Satisfied by Dree Rivers. We butcher some more names, and of course share laughs and thoughts on what we love about these songs. I lose a $100 bet, and take my best attempt at some classic Rick Ross memes…

Through my years of listening and recording music I have yet to hear someone make a playlist this diverse in genres, but still relevant. Then again, this was only our second episode! Just the tip of one of the coolest Ice bergs via a podcast- thus far. Check out the analytical breakdown of your senses on our latest playlist now available on Spotify. Sensual but Sensible.  

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