SwanoDown ep3 Synopsis

Written by Grayson Jones

Saturday night! The Quiet Que was something to remember but not much to “speak” on. This playlist consisted of some of the best instrumentals of the week. A question we considered in search for songs was “How can you say the most without saying anything at all?” Producers and engineers from across the globe put their best plugin forward and you have to see what we got! 

The most “talkative” with no words was Brass Heart from La Kombina Sound System, we enjoyed the warmest brass… dressed around were birds and arpeggios, thank you for the mini vacation La Kombina! We had all the vibes- sounds for the ride home, to sounds that'll help you drift to sleep. Yes, Midnight Sun by Nic Jules and Nightlight by Brillion and Nolfo made it on the same playlist! Only on our podcast, seriously. Each being pillars in our Quiet Que, they are accompanied by Mirror, Mirror  by Matt Kelly - an old school record scratching hit that gives freestyling back to the 70’s. We were brought to an open ‘Weekend at Bernies’ feel with our opener & closer to the podcast, Exotica by Hoffy Beats & My friend Thor. Tune into our Quiet Que! Playlist is out now, only on Spotify! 

SwanoDown Podcast- Episode 3:

A Quiet Que Playlist on Spotify:

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