SwanoDown ep4 Synopsis

Written by Grayson Jones

Episode 4 was another for the books. The topic of conversation was the new SwanoDown playlist: Story Styles. These songs we picked out were closely knitted pieces that tell exciting and sometimes sad events, through amazing lyrics. We have some fun taking some looks at different versions of imagery like in RESPONS by Maisie. Imani and I are two different comedians sharing laughs about some of our favorite parts of these styles. 

We hear a G Herbo feature from the Drill cut, Meant For. by Amaru Cloud. The reminiscent flex from them sent us off on a tangent about honing in on the sorrow we hear from, Why, by 3x Bravo. 

The music from the streets to your stereo was captured with some fire production. The stories come with all forms of energy. The rap sheet we hear from Big Trip in Pack supported the lifestyle he credits his success to. The best rap leaves no words wasted. The stories told were as raw as the artists. This episode was my favorite thus far in regards to the playlist constructed here. 7up by Jawdawn and Sah.Vvy was the energy that brought the playlist together! These songs fit so well with each other, all you will hear is “good vibes in the whip!” Better than anything you think you can throw together in your apple music library. We have Story Styles! Available on Spotify now!

SwanoDown Podcast- Episode 4:

Story Styles 
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