SwanoDown ep6 Synopsis

Written by Lucas "Lukey Lenz" Ballard

What is “real rap?" Is it the essence of struggle and grit? Is it meant to be fun and outlandish? In today’s music landscape the beats seem to dominate so many of the charts that you begin to question if lyricism is still appreciated. There are many sub-genres within rap and hip-hop and on this episode of the SwanoDown podcast, titled
Lyrically Laid, we will explore the diversity and lyricism of five very talented artists. 

We start out the episode with a lyrically advanced piece called Adderall, by Norman Sann. The cover of this song features a brain jumping rope, which implores you to use your mind and really listen to the message he seeks to convey. After this song we cover a song that intimately speaks about love. Facing Love by Emmitt Dupree is essentially a vibey and catchy rendition of different types of love and that is the love for the opposite sexes as well as the replacement of that feeling with certain vices. Following Mr. Dupree, we dive into Celebration by Mac Irv. This song has a ridiculously confident sound and it makes you want to go out and spread a message of self worth. Next,  we enjoy SR TheMveMnt’s song Love Bro and his message that he will not give in regardless of who is with or against him. Lastly, we close out the episode with a light hearted and cheerfully positive song by Duhon titled Stressed Desserts which displays the ideals he has to keep working hard and disregard those who doubt you.

Listen to these tracks very closely and you may just find a lyric that can make your week! Enjoy!

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