SwanoDown Podcast Ep8- Hosted by Imani Wj Wright & Grayson Jones

To have Buoyancy means to have the ability to stay afloat. Today we covered 5 songs (in no particular order) that all “float” over the instrumentation.
Punch Me In The Face by Iamnotshane set the tone and was a stellar example of what Buoyancy Built was about. We walked from genre to genre starting with Composure by Amaru Cloud to Pull Up by Frank Miharbi and Arch Matadi. We were truly inspired by Islands, advocating for Johan Danno’s campaign to change the world- one person at a time. Echezona and JPRiZM wrapped up our Buoyancy Built playlist with their tribute to confident women on the up tempo record Big Chop. The Buoyancy Built playlist is out now. Check it out!

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