SwanoDown Podcast ep9- Hosted by Imani Wj Wright & Grayson Jones

To be Heinous is to be wicked- in a sense. Our playlist was made with intent to inform our audience of some of our favorite instrumentals this week. We broke the connotation that comes from the term heinous crime and added our own spin-off.

We opened with the ever so smooth, Zammy Oswald and Lighthouse City’s Oasis record. We shared our interpretation of Auracane’s name as we enjoyed listening to “Ataraxis.” We vouched for House music across the globe with artists Blimp and Kareem Ali’s record, Back To Me. Not before mentioning an old friend such as Johnboybeats and his newest Drift track did we admire the tenacious and well-rounded Marvillousbeats with his Insanity instrumental playing all the way through. The SwanoDown Heinous Head Nod playlist is up and bumpin!  Check it out!

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