VDX (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

One of the greatest aspects of being a human being is having the ability to be fluid and naturally nuanced. We don't simply rely on instinct like gazelles, or stay stagnant like rocks. And the beauty of our fluidity is displayed in several ways. Though, each way may not always be beautiful. This trait consistently shows up in many of our emotions. One day we may be joyous, another day we’re subdued. One week we’re motivated, another week we’re discouraged. These dynamics are just a few examples, and the multifaceted artist, VDX, is a solid personification of dynamic.

VDX’s sound is engaging and diverse, just as his life. 

His compositions have a dedicated soundscape, but nonetheless, music is not his only endeavor. During the day, VDX creates chips (ICs). “I've ported ZynAddSubFX to the Windows world 10+ years ago (that's an open source virtual synthesizer - but not involved in ZynFusion). It's still on KVR as "Classic ZynAddSubFX." I did the demonstration video on youtube (jackoo).” Said VDX. Being someone who is a strong believer in the 10,000 hour theory, which focuses on the time-on-task involved with becoming an expert in a certain field, I wondered how having such an intellectually engaging job impacts his art- whether that be for the better or worse. 

VDX Told SwanoDown:

My day job is quite restrictive, to say the least. It takes almost all of my time, reducing the amount I can spend composing and producing music. However, as an engineer, I tend to go very deep with the scripting and programming of my equipment. My goal is to control as many instruments at once, inspired by Vangelis’ “direct” approach to music. For example, I’ve developed my own combination of keys to change the chords in real time with just two fingers of my left hand. I don’t play like a trained piano player. Music teachers won’t forgive or accept me like that…

VDX’s approach may not be “textbook” or “par for the  course,” but he’s not obligated to swing on an existing course. He’s found a way to intertwine his dexterities. What’s the ol’ cliche? If it ain't broke, don’t fix it? That certainly applies here. While listening to some of his pieces like Vulnerable Rebellion, and The Strings of a Briton, there's a consistent auditory aesthetic that he has developed. The feelings range from suspense, to mystery, to triumph. Orchestra-esque strings are prevalent throughout several of VDX’s pieces, and give the aura of a gladiator movie, but simultaneously can give off the aura of a tragedy, VDX’s dichotomies are inevitable. 

“It is very difficult to expect something.... I hope that some people can associate my compositions with something personal. This in turn will evoke certain feelings (love, hope, happiness). I hope that they find a message that they can relate to. If that’s not the case, I can hope that they feel more relaxed upon listening. 

When I write and perform music I usually test it on myself. I like to express myself, and I listen a lot to my own music. Having said that, it is always nice for music to be shared, especially because it can mean different things to different people. But I don't start something with that in mind.” Said VDX.

Immersing yourself in VDX’s sound is immersing yourself in a vast pool of intricacies. The journey you embark on can feel like an odyssey- enjoy the ride, and sightsee on the way to your destination. I’ll be sure to be there with you. You ready?

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