J SPAZ ONE HIT KO (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Watch out! It’s Megans Law a diss track Referencing ANT BEALE A New Jersey based rapper and vocalist who began penning hits for Trinidad James, and Kehlani “Undercover” in 2016.

The beef between Ant Beale and J Spaz
started over instagram as Ant Beale reportedly Trolled J Spaz Instagram account after J Spaz reportedly told Ant Beale a hook from him wasn’t worth the $1500 Ant Beale was asking him not too long after Ant Beale took J Spaz’s LanelessThe Mixtape project to his own Instagram story and mentioned J Spaz and his Laneless the mixtape project beside a trashcan award, if that wasn’t enough, the New Jersey pop star went on to troll the rising artist from Philadelphia’s Instagram account with pictures of crabs in a pot with the caption in quotes “you and your family.“

J Spaz raised the flame on the social media beef by delivering a diss song, referencing Ant Beale the single was titled “Megan's Law “and was released on all music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and more. Megans Law was recorded over The New York based iconic Hip-hop rapper Jadakiss “disco beat” a diss track Referencing Philadelphia’s own beanie Sigel in 2009.

The newly recorded Megans Law by J spaz cuts straight to the jugular with cleverly disrespectful and metaphorical content in one verse J Spaz says in quote “We don’t depend on album sales we hit the black move work when the bills come in you to mixtapes away from getting your nails done“ Megans Law was said to be a one hitter quitter after Ant Beale repordently blocked j spaz after the single surfaced online
Stream J Spaz' diss track titled “Megans Law” Today on all streaming platforms.


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