J. Cash the King (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

"Don't draw conclusion, this not a allusion."

DJs are great, breakdancing is fun to watch, and old-school graffiti has always been some of my favorite art  to indulge in. All of the aforementioned are some of the true pillars of Hip-Hop. They play a huge role in the development, evolution, and expansion of the genre. Though, at the very base. lyricism is the most significant attribute of an MC. 

Careers in Hip-Hop are made, and conversely, are broken depending on the weight in which an artist's "bars" hold. So, when I listen to an artist like J. Cash the King, I immediately take note of his ability to story tell, and paint vivid pictures through his delivery. On his track, "I Wasted<' we hear J give us a heartfelt performance geared towards his love interest. This is done over an RnB styled composition, which easily sets the mood for the loving and compliment-driven atmosphere that he has created. 

From what we have listened to from J. Cash, so far, we are eagerly anticipating his upcoming moves. 

Check out I Wasted by J. Cash the King:

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