Tialauna- Waterbed (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

"I'm in the mood to blow your mind tonight." 

Boldness and charisma go hand-in-hand. Though, those traits need to be coupled with some level of substance. Many of us turn to art with a hope of gaining a pinch of inspiration, motivation, and insight. At times, the feelings that forms of art like films or paintings can give us are unimaginable. And, there's no difference with music. Well- maybe there is a bit of a difference. You don't typically stare at a painting while you're in the bedroom with your significant other (or significant other for the night). But oftentimes, people will play some music to create a euphoric and sensual atmosphere. Janet Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Barry White... Well, how about Tialauna?

While listening to Tialauna's single Waterbed, the first thing that becomes apparent is her uncanny amount of confidence. She begins the track with speaking to her love interest in the piece, talking in a highly seductive, but playful voice. "Oh I can't handle it? Boy stop. You can't handle this... I'd hate to drown you baby." She directly follows the banter with some smooth RnB vocals. I was impressed with her vocal timbre for the entirety of the track. There was not a single note or phrase that didn't add to and enhance the track. In all seriousness, it felt like an entire session of intimacy- eventually ending in climax. In our case, an eargasm. The production on "waterbed" accompanied Tialauna's voice and the moment very well. Its melody and rhythmic percussion were highly professional.

"Shut up, you haven't even put it in yet." 

Tialauna's delivery and approach is certainly straight to the point. But I mean, why wouldn't it be? This is a mature joint that you turn on after the foreplay. When things are spicy, and the toes are ready to get curling- she's here to set the mood, and keep the mood right. Her songwriting will engage you. Her performance will keep you. And her command will leave you wanting more.

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