Turn Up Tobi (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

“Y'all’ was sleeping on me, but I woke y'all up now.”

While developing a great product, there are several steps involved with ensuring the validity and potency of what’s being created. This goes for many, if not all creations. Cooking a dish without the right seasoning can be drastact. A house without a roof is incomplete. A beautiful car with a defunct engine may be pointless. All of the aforementioned are true. But there’s one I am certainly missing: A song without solid production- can’t be great. So, producers like D'Ante Kareem Adkins, professionally known as, Turn Up Tobi, are needed for many artists out there. 

While I spent some time listening to Tobi's catalog, he develops a style that is very evident. There aren't many overly demonstrative sounds, nor are there unidentifiable instruments. Adkins' sound is easy to follow, and falls nicely on the ears. Though, this doesn't mean that his music doesn't bring you energy. Several of his tracks have the ability to increase your motivation. Tracks like "Movie" and "Powered Up" have driving percussion and cinematic soundscapes that make you feel like the star of a high-paced Action film. 

Tobi is versatile as hell too. If you experience some of his other work like "UP DOWN" ft. Matrell, you hear a more pensive and brewing approach. Adkins uses a gorgeous guitar, coupled with some of his signature trebled percussion to sculpt a fitting atmosphere for Matrell to flow over. He does a phenomenal job of deciding a direction and sticking to it. This makes listening to Adkins an experience vs a performance. I felt like I was pulled into the world in which he is creating. 

We're looking forward to seeing where he takes us next. 

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