ASCENSION (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

...You judge a man by his actions, not how he talkin’

It’s difficult to overstate some of the reasons we listen to music. But to expand on that- the varying reason we are allured to specific artists is a fun topic to explore a well. Let’s be real, it isn’t always about the “sound” that some of our favorite artists provide, even though that may be a major factor. Their looks, personas, and feelings that they emit are also crucial.

Have you ever heard a song that gave you a flashback to a certain moment in your life? Yeah? We all have. From my experience they’re typically songs that have had and still have a lot of meaning to me. Though, that doesn’t mean they are always sentimental or filled with ravishing complexities, some of them are highly motivating. While listening to Ascension’s track, “Money” ft. Caskey, it’s clear that it has the ability to be that everlasting spark for someone.

From top to bottom, you hear nothing but confidence displayed by both of the artists. From the passionate vocals, to the raw self-assurance in the verses, it is simple to gain some energy from these two. As Ascension provides us with some engaging vocal melodies, Caskey contributes increased lyrical depth. The contrast of the two voices make for a multifaceted experience. The formatting and delivery of this track is spot on, and makes for a dope cut. 

You feel the intentions of the artists even more while you’re watching the video.

Check it out:

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