SwanoDown SitDown w/ Abby Jasmine- Who Cares? (Deluxe)

Written by Miles Monroe II

I’m trying to make people feel things, and if that’s helping R&B, I’m here to help.– Abby Jasmine on the current state of R&B.

Being in the public eye since the golden era of Vine, Abby Jasmine has remained the same person: down to earth with a humbling personality that makes her a dope person to have a conversation with. Her energy is unmatched, filled with positivity, especially when discussing her music and the process of certain songs. There was a level of confidence that you could feel from each answer that she gave. From questions about the album cover to the aesthetics of her image, Abby is even keel and honest about it all. That’s why she has created such a loyal fanbase for herself that has traveled with her from Vine to Music. 

I was always into making funny videos. Growing up, me and my cousins would make home videos and show them at family dinner parties. I just always liked to make people laugh.

Abby Jasmine is a voice for the generation of kids that are growing up in this digital/social media era who used it as an escape from reality. She sees the good that social media has done for her and others who were in the same shoes once upon a time. Anybody who was or is in that same place, where you don’t want to feel alone, there is a community for everybody on social media. As she has matured through social media apps such as Vine and Instagram, her perspective on how we can use social media is needed in this generation. Sometimes, it is used for negative actions for a reaction that a person would not receive in person. That is also a reason why there should be a limit on how much time we spend on these apps. I think everybody needs to be active on social media to an extent, anything of too much is maddening. Especially with being an artist in the music industry, there must be a balance with the use of social media. It’s important for artists to engage with their fans in any way that they can

With the release of her deluxe album, Who Cares?, fans are treated with the R&B and pop sounds that show her growth within music and in life. Even with the album cover, we get to know more and more about her. The material things that we relate to as successful or luxurious, doesn’t give her that same feeling. That’s a message that I can stand behind because we become fixated on expensive items that don’t make us cool at all. This is important in growing as a human being or as we like to call it “adulting.” When it comes to the takeaways from the album, she wants us to see how far she has come in the music and in the writing, and just me as a person

I think the music is the most important part because without music, like, how can I create an aesthetic on something I’ve never heard. How can I brand something I’ve never heard?  

When it comes to her looks that she awards us with, she has a strong belief in her team to steer her in the right direction. Abby is receptive on what kind of aesthetic can promote her in the right way, especially with a team that makes sure she reflects her music. This type of humbleness is what turns a good artist into a great artist. The transition from Vine star to music sensation can be rough, but Abby Jasmine has made us aware that she is a talent who isn’t capped by a social media app. I highly recommend checking out her album, Who Cares? (Deluxe), on all digital streaming platforms. There is a song for everyone and an energy that never lacks.

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