SwanoDown SitDown w/ Gorgeous Antonay

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Lukey Lenz 

Being a musician while simultaneously being a journalist has allotted me the opportunity to attend a ton of shows, concerts, and performances throughout my career. As you may imagine, the type of shows I've attended vary from stadiums to small coffee shops. However, a few days ago, I watched a performance at a pool party hosted by Max Bey- this was a first for me. Think about the command and confidence you have to bestow in order to take attention away from the festivities, and have all eyes on you. Well. that's exactly what I saw artist Gorgeous Antonay do that evening.

Dripped in a Velvet Triangle Top and mini skirt, self-designed from her clothing line Dipped In Blue, Antonay took the microphone and performed with immense confidence. Her movement, vocal intensity, and ability to woo the crowd truly showed her natural fitting for the spotlight. Being impressed with her performance, I took some time to listen to a bit of her studio work. Her tracks "O.D" and "Bucks Up" both provide some west coast influenced production, with Antonay delivering some slick talking lines and acceptingly ostentatious cadences.

Being multifaceted in her endeavors, we asked Antonay why she thinks music and fashion are so seemingly inseparable. 

"When you say culture, culture is more than one thing. It's music, it's the modeling aspect, it's the clothing aspect... You come through dripped up and dipped up. That's what's its about," She stated.

We look forward to watching Antonay's growth in the worlds of music and fashion. Her creativity and steadfastness could inspire many. 

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